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Momentum Education Alumni Association
Momentum Education Basic Course
The Momentum Basic Workshop is proven effective in delivering a renewed sense of passion, vitality through discovery and practical tools designed to breakthrough any barriers. Momentum's Basic Workshop creates an opportunity to gain clarity, declare your goals and stand confidently in making them a reality.Experience yourself as Powerful, Decisive and Effective and see what that creates in your life and the lives of others.

 In the Basic Workshop, you will:

 Discover a renewed sense of purpose and direction;

Experience a fresh vitality and passion in significant areas of your life;
Create connection and meaningful relationships.
Enhance your ability and effectiveness to accomplish extraordinary with urgency.
Led by an experienced and dynamic trainer, the Basic workshop connects you with a team of trained staff who are well suited to support you in identifying and achieving your goals. Our training environment encourages authenticity and honest communication. You will have the opportunity to develop tools and awareness that will support you in maximizing your personal and professional accomplishments.

Time: Two evenings and two full days plus two follow-up sessions.

Prerequisite: Participants should be over the age of 18.

Tuition: $398. Deposit: $200.

Momentum Education Advanced Course
Breakthrough your limitations

The Momentum Education Advanced Course focuses on breaking away from the past and consciously using the power of choice. It provides Basic graduates with an opportunity to expand on the tools and insights gained through the Basic Workshop.

This five-day intensive is designed for participants to experience first hand how the past influences current decision-making and provides a deliberate "interruption" to allow for new possibilities to emerge.

Breaking from the past is a shift from living in reaction to living in action!

In the Advanced Course, you will:

Access and discover the keys to your personal power.
Give and receive open and honest feedback.
Experience yourself as playing on a high performance team.
Alter forever your relationship with fear.
Develop a new relationship with "urgency" and the power of NOW.
This challenging and inspiring curriculum is delivered by a highly skilled, prominent coach with an accessible team of trained staff providing additional opportunities for one on one coaching. The course is presented using experiential learning, lecture and sharing among participants.

The Momentum Advanced Course is a challenge and a celebration, an opportunity to understand what is working in your life and what is not. As a result, you will be able to move forward in action as the chief designer of your life.

Time: 5 Full Days Plus One Follow-Up Session
Prerequisite: Momentum Basic Workshop.

Tuition: $998. Deposit: $298
Action in the World

The Leadership Program (LP) is a high energy, 90-day training in which participants create outstanding results in areas of their lives such as career, finance, love and relationships, health and well-being, education, and community.

Each participant works with their own results coach to set specific and extraordinary goals through the creation of a detailed action plan. This becomes the blueprint for their leadership journey.

Momentum Education Leadership Course
In the Leadership Program, you will:
Learn to create your future rather than make choices in reaction to your past.
Work with a personal results coach to realize your goals.
Be challenged and inspired by a curriculum that is almost entirely experiential.
Create a long lasting Legacy that reflects your teams vision and commitment.
Mastering how to work inside of a team will support you in maximizing your effectiveness in all the areas of your life.
Develop and maintain the blueprint for a healthy and rewarding lifestyle.
Create connection and foster meaningful relationships.
Soar to new heights with Momentum's exciting and exhilarating Ropes Course
Led by a Coordinator and a group of experienced coaches, key leadership distinctions are delivered weekly. At these meetings, the Coordinator facilitates training on effective communication and listening skills, choice and responsibility, and additional distinctions that will benefit participants in achieving their goals with a renewed sense of creativity and passion.
The Leadership experience concludes with a weekend away as a team where participants celebrate their accomplishments and look ahead at a new journey with the Momentum Communities ongoing support.

Prerequisite: Momentum Advanced Course.
Work with an experienced results coach one-on-one and take your life to the next level. Your coach will challenge and inspire you while provide ongoing honest feedback, exploring powerful questions that will lead you to new actions and tangible results.
Working with a personal coach is a powerful tool to enhance the results that you have already achieved. Momentum Education's coaching services are designed to support you in creating the results that you want in life, and to serve you in sustaining the life you dream about. We'll work according to your agenda, goals, and visions empowering you to create the results you declare.

In an individualized setting, we'll focus on the areas you are looking to transform – your business, family, community, personal well being, or balance among them.

Personalized Results Coaching Practice:

Vision and Goal Setting.
Personal Development and Action Plan.
Weekly Coaching Calls.
Tangible Empowering Results.
3 Month Commitment.
In the Results Coaching, you will:

Prerequisite: Momentum Basic Workshop
Momentum Education Individual Results Course
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