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Momentum Education Alumni Association
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Momentum Education Alumni Association
Momentum Education is a prominent organization acclaimed for providing transformational change in their graduates' lives through Momentums' dynamic workshops. Momentum Education's Alumni Association is a group of former students who help others to transform their lives and become powerful, open and decisive with renewed passion, inspiration and clarity. Help current and potential students enjoy the successes that Momentum Education enabled you to create in your personal and business life through joining the Momentum Education Alumni Association!

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About our Founder
Momentum Education was founded in 2003 by Robin Diane Lynn, an internationally recognized inspirational trainer and life coach who'd spent her career facilitating personal empowerment workshops all over the world, including the former Soviet , North America, Europe, and in post-apartheid South Africa.

Robin's work in South Africa with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission garnered her recognition and acknowledgment from the Clinton Administration for designing and implementing a series of specialized workshops that supported those who'd survived the atrocities of apartheid to heal, forgive, and fully participate in the creation of a new South African society.

The experience of helping people who'd faced unspeakable violence and oppression to envision and create better lives for themselves and a just society for those around them inspired Robin to found a company, Momentum Education, whose mission would simply be to the transform humanity through acceptance, healing, leadership, contribution and empowerment.

In 2009, Robin created Momentum for Teens, a non-profit organization focusing on teaching principles of leadership to young people. Creating a space where teens could understand that they matter, achieve their goals, and be leaders in their own families and communities was also a passion of Robins and a goal she was able to reach before her passing in January 2010.

Her legacy of contribution, empowerment and transformation continue to be the foundation of Momentum Education's events and programming. It is by her example that the company continues to find innovative and relevant ways to realize the company's vision:

All people matter. The vision of Momentum Education is a world where all people realize the possibilities we are and take responsibility for the difference we can make in the world by creating extraordinary results.
Momentum Education P.O. Box 1251 Huntington New York 11743
Momentum Education Alumni Association
Bruce Avery and Veronica Dillon
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